In 2019, e.telligent launched e.CoSys (Engineering Collaboration System), a highly automated and intuitive tool chain for ASPICE-compliant development. Initially intended to optimize internal processes, it was not actually planned to enter the market. However, it quickly became apparent that e.CoSys fundamentally brings several advantages for many companies in the industrial sector.

Complex processes in a highly technological world

In a world that is evolving technologically every day in all areas, industrial products and their development are also becoming increasingly complex. This complexity ranges from the increasing number of electronic components used (sensors, actuators, etc.) to system interfaces, peripheral interfaces, and more complicated software functionalities. In addition, manufacturers have to consider more and more safety-related factors and their implementation. Furthermore companies have to implement all these aspects in ever shorter development cycles, as the market situation demands ever faster and more agile development approaches.

Tool chain for process optimization

The Engineering Collaboration System from e.telligent optimizes these processes for customers. That ist because e.CoSys makes processes more traceable, gives customers a transparent overall view of the reporting of the respective project, simplifies collaboration across different areas and enables a stronger focus on quality assurance measures.

This is because e.CoSys enables a structured, lean approach to the development lifecycle - the automotive process can be tailored to the requirements of industrial processes. The tool chain can also ensure traceability across different areas of the project (e.g. hardware, software, system, mechanical). It also provides up-to-date reporting and a real-time project overview and status. Another advantage of e.CoSys is that it acts as a centralized knowledge base and workspace for all parties involved. Finally, the tool chain also reduces the formal effort and can support it in the background.

More information about e.CoSys is available here.