e.CoSys is a configuration and tool-connecting scaling Atlassian add-on software package for prototyping, development, integration, test, validation and verification for example of ECUs (SW, ME, EL) in the automotive, railway, aerospace and industrial sectors.

This Application Lifecycle Management Platform provides 100% traceability from requirements engineering to implementation and acceptance tests, using Atlassian tools and plugins in combination with established industry tools like Doors, EA, Matlab, Polyspace and many more.

Processes according to ASPICE and ISO26262 are automatically implemented in the configuration and connected modules.

Team Produkte

For Whom?

  • Ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Businesses that want to enter the automotive market but do not have ISO26262 and ASPICE compliant processes and the corresponding toolchain for their product development.
  • Established businesses that want to partially improve a specific aspect concerning their processes and corresponding tool chain. Find out more about the possible scenarios.


  • Know your project, the quality as well as the development status at any time!
  • Light weight solution for bidirectional traceability and consistency by default
  • Complete product lifecycle in one system (project work and reporting space)
    • Concept à development à series production à end of life
    • Covering all involved areas such as system / software / hardware / mechanical engineering and project management, quality assurance, change management, problem resolution management and many more
  • System inherent processes and templates
  • Including process manual, templates and work products
  • Connecting existing industry development tools to e.CoSys for data import and export and for enabling traceability and consistency
  • Requirements import / -export via ReqIF format without data loss enables requirements exchange e. g. with IBM Doors, PTC, …
  • Issue management import / -export enables processing customer issues in one system only and synchronizing the customer system in the background
  • Application approved toolchain based on and incorporating ISO26262 requirements and enabling ASPICE compliant projects.


e.CoEmo: Engineering module e. g. for companies working on a vehicle or system level and
testing this scope but not developing subsystems themselves.
Focus: Requirements Management vs. Test Management improving transparency and timely reporting capabilities

Industries: Any


  • Keep vehicle and system requirements and corresponding test cases / validation activities / verification activities in e.CoSys
  • Automatically feedback test results to e.CoSys
    • Bidirectional traceability from requirements to tests as well as from test execution to the associated test case and to the requirement due to linking of test cases to test results
    • Clear overview of link coverage and test coverage of requirements, test cases, validation activities and verification activities
  • Enable transparent and timely reporting / controlling
  • Enable automatic reporting and quality assurance
Focus: Tracking/visualising various testing activities and results and improving effectivity

Industries: Any


  • All test cases, verification validation, validation activities are specified in e.CoSys.
  • Tests are performed automatically, semi automatically, manual or by external test facilities.
  • All test results are visible in e.CoSys
  • The test coverage of the customer requirements can be obtained at any given time.
  • Test activities that should not or cannot be performed are indicated and reported. Only necessary and meaningful test activities are performed. This results in an efficiency increase.
  • Enable transparent and timely reporting und controlling.
  • Enable automatic reporting and quality assurance.
Focus: Complete product life cycle support for development of a software product improving transparency and product wide reporting capabilities

Industries: Any


  • Requirements, development activities, test cases and results are available in e.CoSys.
  • Existing development tools of the customer are “connected” to e.CoSys and traceability and consistency between requirements and software architecture UML models is ensured.
  • Development data and files are stored central.
  • Automatic compile, build, rule checks, testing and reporting via continuous integration and deployment pipeline.
  • All test cases, verification validations and validation activities are specified in e.CoSys.
  • All test results are visible in e.CoSys.
  • The test coverage of the software requirements can be obtained at any given time.
  • Enable transparent and timely reporting and controlling.
  • Enable automatic reporting and quality assurance.
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