Focus e.xpertise - Emergence of e.CoSys

In 2019, e.telligent launched e.CoSys (Engineering Collaboration System), a highly automated and intuitive tool chain. In the meantime, it can be said with success, as e.telligent has already been able to acquire its first e.CoSys customers and sell licenses since the market launch. "A great success," says e.telligent managing director Dr. Christian Matzner proudly, because: Actually, it was not planned to sell the tool chain at all. e.CoSys was rather intended to simplify and improve e.telligent's internal processes.

From a proprietary solution to a product

The decisive point for the development of e.CoSys was a project in which e.telligent was faced with increased requirements - among other things, the specialist for electromobility had to develop in accordance with ASPICE. Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination) is a quality standard for evaluating company processes from the perspective of process reliability and quality - introduced to evaluate, compare and improve the quality of software development in the automotive industry. This standard not only takes software processes into account, but also focuses on the interaction of software, hardware and mechanics in a mechatronic system. In order to meet this standard, e.telligent decided to develop its own solution - and with e.CoSys, its own tool chain, which makes it possible to establish continuous traceability from the requirement to the implementation to the test. The fact that e.CoSys was initially conceived as a proprietary solution is both a unique selling point and a major advantage of the tool chain, because: The product was designed by real users who also work with this product themselves - e.CoSys is therefore application-proven.

Successful market entry

During the development phase, it quickly became clear that there was a certain market potential. e.CoSys is adaptable and can be adapted to requirements, so the tool chain could also be of interest to other companies. And so e.telligent pursued the idea of its own product. "In the meantime, we have gained initial experience in this regard, and the market entry has been successful," says Matzner. "For the future, we want to further improve e.CoSys together with our customers - among other things, the product should become cloud-capable."

More about e.CoSys can be found here.