In 2019, e.telligent launched e.CoSys (Engineering Collaboration System), a highly automated and intuitive tool chain for ASPICE-compliant development. Initially intended to optimize internal processes, it was not actually planned to enter the market. However, it quickly became apparent that e.CoSys basically offers several benefits for many companies in the industrial sector.

Benefits for customers

Since e.telligent designed e.CoSys with the motivation to develop ASPICE compliant, there is a strong focus on this ASPICE compliance, as well as on ISO 26262, which defines a standard for safety-related electrical/electronic systems in motor vehicles. Processes and templates that support these standards are already integrated in e.CoSys. However, a use of e.CoSys is not limited to ASPICE and/or ISO 26262, but can also be useful for other users. The tool chain is also highly scalable, has market-proven Atlassian core components and can score with easy accessibility and usability via web browsers.

What makes e.CoSys unique

e.CoSys differs from other tool chains in several aspects:

  • Bidirectional traceability and coverage is integrated as a standard feature
  • Users have knowledge about the project, quality and development status at any time
  • Processes and templates are inherent to the system
  • A central project work and reporting room provides an overview
  • Process manual, templates and work products are already included

More information about e.CoSys is available here.