Technology specialist units united in one group of companies: e.telligent is part of the INSTART group

The INSTART group is a new association of highly specialized companies with origins in the automotive sector. The innovative companies group from Ingolstadt focuses on the leading technologies of the automotive industry: electromobility, autonomous driving and big data. In addition to digitalwerk (autonomous driving) and IP Camp (big data), e.telligent is considered a specialist in the field of electromobility within the company construct. In the future, the INSTART group aims to transfer its expertise to other industries.

The intention of the company constellation at INSTART group is to build up topic-specialized, competent and independent technology companies in order to act synergetically on the market. The technological focus of e.telligent (electromobility), digitalwerk (autonomous driving) and IP Camp (big data) is aligned with the current needs of the automotive market. The services of the INSTART group include software application development, product development (hardware and software) and engineering services. The software products developed by the INSTART group (e.CoSys, Mercury, RED) are used both by customers and within the group in the areas of process engineering and data analytics.

The group is completed by the companies INSTART consult and CUBE brand communications. The digital shared service provider INSTART consult supports the companies of the INSTART group in the areas of finance, human resources and IT management. CUBE brand communications, agency for brand communication, is responsible for the marketing and communication services of the individual companies as well as the INSTART group as a whole. Thanks to the services of INSTART consult and CUBE brand communications, the technology companies of the INSTART group are able to focus completely on their core business and successively deepen their technology expertise.

The INSTART group currently employs a total of 180 people at six international locations with a sales volume of approximately 15 million euros. Customers include the VW Group, BMW, Daimler, Bosch and Continental, all key players in the German automotive industry. In the medium term, the INSTART group will offer its expert solutions in the industry, agriculture, aerospace and medical sectors.