Digital registration in the office - support for health care offices

For e.telligent, working from the home office is not a problem due to the well-developed, digital infrastructure. However, some activities can only be carried out on site in our office premises or in the laboratory. The presence of those employees in the e.telligent office is documented in order to be able to provide the health authorities with an overview of the relevant contact lists in the event of a Corona infection.

This is done with Contact Trace, an easy-to-use web application from digitalwerk, with which our team members record their coming & going times via QR scan. Win-win situation: for us, the annoying entering into an attendance list by hand is eliminated and we as a company are able to provide the health departments with the necessary contact chains by just a few clicks.

Your team is currently also working partly in the office and you still maintain the attendance lists manually? Then get in touch with digitalwerk. The Regensburg-based software development company provides the web application free of charge to all interested companies.

Great action in the fight against Corona!