In 2019, e.telligent launched e.CoSys (Engineering Collaboration System), a highly automated and intuitive tool chain for ASPICE-compliant development. Initially intended to optimize internal processes, it was not actually planned to enter the market. However, it quickly became apparent that e.CoSys basically offers several advantages for many companies in the industrial sector. Because unlike monolithic systems, e.CoSys takes into account all areas and domains of a company or product, is highly scalable and easy to use.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not have a cross-domain process or tool solution, e.CoSys as a software product offers a scalable, specifically configurable out-of-the-box solution based on ASPICE and ISO26262. Users can thus work with a high quality standard without having to spend the time otherwise required to work out the procedural, methodological, formal in a large scale.

But e.CoSys is also interesting for parts of larger companies that need a uniform processual basis as well as tool-guided support in their area. This is because the tool chain comes as a lean, prefabricated solution that can easily be adapted and coupled to existing systems - coupled with high developer and user acceptance.

Suppliers moving up from Tier 2 to Tier 1 often have not yet specified and established automotive-compliant processes. In these cases, e.CoSys offers the possibility to start already with an ASPICE-compliant process description and tool-side integration of processes, templates and work results on a high quality level. The same applies to industrial companies that want to enter the automotive sector from another area.

Academic institutions that currently do not have a practical tool-supported way to work on automotive development processes in courses, lab work or project work, have the opportunity with this software to enable exactly this, both process- and tool-supported - ASPICE-compliant and taking into account functional safety according to ISO26262.

More about e.CoSys can be found here.