e.mobility integration kit - e.telligent develops compact electrification kit for micro mobility

e.telligent, an eMobility specialist based in Ingolstadt, Germany, has set itself the goal of developing a modular system that enables customers to combine individual components for electrified mobility in a single component. The e.mobility integration kit (e.mik), is specially designed for use in vehicles with battery voltage levels below the safety extra-low voltage (nominal: 48V, Max < 60V). With e.mik, e.telligent offers a solution for the current market needs of micromobility.

According to studies, electrified micromobility (including scooters or e-bikes) could cover nine percent of all total passenger kilometers currently covered in China, the USA and the EU. However, the development of such a micromobility vehicle still has to undergo some optimization. The individual components and functions - BMS (electronics & software), inverters, on-board converters, interface to the charging infrastructure, charging electronics - are usually sourced from different suppliers and integrated by the manufacturer. For the customer, this means not only very high costs but also a great deal of effort, many technical interfaces, increased installation space requirements and increased weight.

e.telligent addresses this problem with the product development e.mik. It considers functions holistically and merges them with each other. "Our customers can expect cost savings of up to 20%", explains Erik Kreer, Head of System Development at e.telligent. "The integrated platform e.mik is more compact than the classic distributed systems. We also reduce interfaces." Another advantage: Individual functions can be added or removed as needed.

At e.telligent the departments of electronics, systems engineering, design and software development are involved in the development of e.mik. "Since our e.systems division covers all components and systems with a focus on battery management systems (BMS/BMC), battery systems and power electronics (on-board converters and chargers), all relevant competencies for the development of the product are combined at e.telligent," says Kreer.

A further component of e.mik's product development is its integration into a cloud platform. The cloud architecture used here will be prepared for future use cases and is optimized for cloud services around e.mik. "An exemplary e.mik service is the determination of the optimal charging strategy for individual batteries against the background of an entire vehicle fleet," explains Erik Kreer.

The Ingolstadt-based company will invest more heavily in e.mik's product development in the future. The first development sample corresponds to the first integration stage and is planned for the end of 2020.

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