Optimal supervision despite corona - Master thesis at e.telligent

At the end of each study program, graduates have to write their final thesis before they are released into professional working life. Many students choose the practical path and complete their Bachelor or Master thesis in a company. This opportunity is also offered by e.telligent and awards theses to talented young professionals. The advantage is not only a thesis that can be applied in the companies, but also intensive supervision by an experienced contact person. But how does this kind of support work when home office becomes part of everyday life in times of Corona?

Marwin Altmann is studying Electrical and Microsystems Engineering for his Master's degree at the OTH Regensburg. At the beginning of the year he decided to write his thesis in a company. He was therefore looking for an innovative company that would assign topics for his final thesis according to his course of studies. "I searched online for interesting master theses and as a first search result I discovered the topic "Development, design & implementation of a lithium-ion cell simulator" by e.telligent", the 25-year-old explains and continues: "The topic appealed to me directly, that's why I submitted my documents in the evening. The application process then went very quickly". The very next morning, Marwin was invited by us to an interview with the responsible supervisor and our HR manager.

During the first month, Marwin worked in the office every day (on Fridays he was given a home office), familiarized himself with the topic and was able to quickly and easily consult with his supervisor. Marwin was also particularly impressed by the collegial helpfulness and the cohesion of the entire team: "I was very impressed that I could not only rely on the support of my supervisor, but that all colleagues were always there to help me with advice and support". However, this work routine had to be reorganized when Corona made permanent work in the office impossible from mid-March onwards. "The spatial distance did not, however, detract from the agreement," explains the master edge. "Thanks to Microsoft teams and the very good digital structures of e.telligent, the quality of the daily consultation with my supervisor did not suffer. Despite the many new tasks that awaited us during the Corona shutdown, it was important for us to offer Marwin optimal support for his launch work. In the meantime, he has successfully completed his master's thesis. It was very important for all involved to be able to present the final presentation in the presence of a representative of the university, Marwin's supervisor and his colleagues in the offices of e.telligent. "The best part of my final thesis at e.telligent was that my cell simulator not only worked theoretically, it was also used as the basis for deciding whether to use a cooling system in a project.

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