Cooperation with JobRad: Bike leasing for e.telligent team

Every morning on his way to work, Michael rides past the vehicles stuck in traffic in a relaxed manner. The bike that the e.telligent employee uses is leased - through e.telligent!

At e.telligent, we recently started offering our team the option of leasing a bicycle. Our cooperation partner is the market leader JobRad. In the future, all employees will be able to lease their own desired bike, independent of brand and manufacturer, from a range of over 5,500 cooperation dealers. Whether for business or private use, employees are free to decide what the bike is to be used for.

The implementation of JobRad leasing is convenient for the user: the JobRad is configured either directly at the local dealer or online. After receiving an offer, the employee contacts e.telligent to have the leasing application approved. The monthly leasing payment is then deducted from gross income via payroll. The employee not only benefits from the salary conversion with savings on income tax and social security contributions. There is also the option of taking over the JobRad at a favorable price at the end of the three-year leasing period, thus saving up to 40% of the costs compared to a conventional purchase.

"This offer provides our employees with an attractive bike leasing option. But we also see another advantage at JobRad in particular in the opportunity to promote the health of our employees. After all, it is clear that regular physical activity promotes well-being and leads to stress reduction," says e.telligent Managing Director Dr. Christian Matzner. In addition, this sustainable mobility concept makes employees aware of their social responsibility as a company and thus contributes to both traffic reduction and environmental protection, says Matzner.