Sven Rollinger - Training at e.telligent

At e.telligent, we not only hire experienced professionals, but also want to train them ourselves. The goal behind this is clear: we want to integrate young, fresh and motivated people into our team and introduce them to the work areas and corporate philosophy of e.telligent during their training. One example is Sven Rollinger. He started his apprenticeship in September 2019 and successfully completed it in the middle of this year.

Hello Sven, you recently successfully completed your apprenticeship. Could you briefly give us some key data about your apprenticeship?
Sven Rollinger: I trained as an IT specialist in the field of application development. This training usually takes three years, but I was able to shorten it to two years due to my five semesters of computer science studies. During my training, I was supported by Dominick Seck as my trainer, as well as Simon Fink and Markus Christians. I could always turn to all three of them and was well prepared for the exam.

Where did you get the motivation for the training and why did you decide on this training?
Sven Rollinger: I have always been interested in computers. That's why I tinker and programme a lot with microcontrollers or the Raspberry Pi in my private life and have now completely automated my flat. I have literally turned my hobby into my profession (laughs). I wanted to do the apprenticeship because I found my studies too dry and lacked practical relevance. I need practice, which is why an apprenticeship in this field was the best idea for me.

What did you enjoy most during your training?
Sven Rollinger: Definitely the practice! But also the working environment in which I found myself at e.telligent. The atmosphere in the company was very informal and you received support everywhere. When it came to exams and presentations, I regularly presented my presentations and received feedback from the team.

How was the support from e.telligent?
Sven Rollinger: The support was top. The short communication channels made a lot of things easier because I was very flexible in my exchanges with my superiors. Be it when I needed more time and space to learn or when I simply needed to take breaks and time off. Especially during Corona, this approach made a lot of things easier, because I could quickly switch to the home office at short notice. But also the aspect that it wasn't just about the training, but that I could also visit other areas, such as HR, administration or the onboarding process, was an aspect that got me further.

Finally, what position do you now have at e.telligent and can you apply what you have learned?
Sven Rollinger: Oh yes, definitely! At e.telligent, I work as a system administrator and the knowledge I have learned is tested almost daily.