The past year was also a special and exciting one for e.telligent - with many highlights. Our review of the year provides an overview of the most important developments at e.telligent and also a brief outlook for the coming year.


In the area of e.xpertise, e.telligent succeeded in entering the market with e.CoSys (Engineering Collaboration System): The first customers have purchased licenses and associated upgrades for the software package. The fact that e.CoSys, which was initially intended as a proprietary solution - to achieve ASPICE compliance - has now become an independent product for the external market is what e.telligent CEO and co-founder Dr. Christian Matzner calls "a huge success".


The product behind e.systems (components and systems for power electronics and batteries) is the e.mik (Emobility Integration Kit). Matzner describes it as "very gratifying" that the OBC (Onboard Charger) project was completed this year and the system was able to go into series production in the fall. e.telligent was involved in both the software and hardware development of this "charger". The company had started with this joint project - experts from ip camp, also part of the INSTART group, were also involved - when it was founded in 2018.

In addition, e.telligent has been awarded a project by an OEM for system engineering and test management for the 12V and 48V lithium-ion batteries. "This project is a good thematic fit for us, and we want to build up further expertise here," says Matzner.


The e.telligence area covers the topic of digital services in the field of electromobility. For example, there is a new law that requires manufacturers of battery systems to digitalize the process and also provide evidence for authorities. e.telligent wants to help end customers meet these requirements here with e.dis (e.telligent digital innovation services) with hardware and digital services. In this area, e.telligent was already able to win a customer last year.


Matzner's goal for the coming year is to continue scaling up both the number of projects and the number of customers. This also requires the necessary staff - e.telligent is counting on employee growth. "We have now already gained plenty of experience and built up competencies, but we are far from finished. It will remain exciting in 2022," summarizes Matzner.