The new EU Battery Regulation: e.telligent offers technical solution and advice

This year, the new EU Battery Regulation Batt2 comes into force. This results in new obligations and requirements for all economic actors in the battery industry. We offer our customers technical solutions and advice on how to comply with the Battery Regulation:

✅ Analysis of the legal requirements

✅ Support in deriving customer-specific technical requirements - especially for data collection and data storage to meet the legal requirements

✅ Finished specification of technical requirements in formats (e.g.: ReqIf) for further processing in requirements management tools

✅ Systems for digitizing the entire life cycle of battery systems - from production to operation to recycling

Our vision: A cloud-based solution for the central collection and storage of all relevant data for compliance with the Battery Act.
In doing so, the data from different sources, such as the BMS or the production plant, is stored centrally in the cloud, while at the same time it can be accessed regardless of location.

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