Our guiding principles: working together with a clear vision to achieve your goals

Yeah, we're a young enterprise. But that doesn't mean that we are chaotic in our way of working. On the contrary! In all our actions we pursue our common vision: “An e.telligent component in or connected to every electric vehicle.” Achieving a vision, however, requires more than defining goals, strategies and a mission. We need guidelines that are lived in each of these steps. Guidelines that describe the way we work, how we work together, and our mindset. Everything summarized in the "e.telligent guiding principles".

"Thanks to our vision, each of our employees knows the path we want to take with e.telligent. With our guiding principles, we are now also defining the way in which we will follow this path," explains CEO Dr. Christian Matzner proudly. During a day workshop, every e.telligent employee was able to contribute his or her opinion to the guidelines. The team discussed many different suggestions together and at the end of a successful day agreed on the following concise "e.telligent guiding principles". Here is the result:

e.telligent Guiding principles

All for one and one for all

Each individual should act for the benefit of the group and the group should act for the benefit of each individual.


Start with challenges - end with solutions

We do not only just address problems and questions. We always come up with solutions.


We communicate as partners

Transparent, honest, fair and respectful.


We will not fail

Once committed to something, we will succeed.