It has become a small tradition at the INSTART group to do sports together once a year. Two years ago the employees were active in the company run, last year they switched to an internal running challenge, which was expanded this year. The "Catch us if you can 2.0" sports challenge had the motto #oneweekthreesports. For one week, athletes could either run, swim or bike or complete multiple disciplines. The challenge was a team competition and so, in addition to eight e.telligent employees, employees from digitalwerk, ip camp, CUBE brand communications and INSTART consult also took part.

The teams were drawn in advance and the 24 participants were divided into six teams. In a joint WhatsApp group, the athletes were able to exchange ideas, motivate each other and send pictures of the units. All participants tracked their units themselves and recorded them in a shared Excel sheet. The team "e.cube-camp" - consisting of employees from e.telligent, CUBE bc and ip camp - collected the most kilometers. In total, the INSTART group athletes covered a proud 1720 kilometers - 456 while running, 67 while swimming and 1196 while cycling.