Heart of the battery: e.telligent develops BMS for autonomous mobile robots

In the e.systems division, e.telligent bundles expert knowledge based on many years of experience in customer-specific electronics developments. The focus in the comprehensive development of components and systems is, among other things, on battery management systems (BMS). The BMS is an intelligent electronic system that monitors the individual battery cells - the electronic "heart" of the battery. Among other things, it is used to monitor, control and protect the battery, for example by constantly monitoring the temperature and preventing overheating. The BMS also forms the interface to the respective vehicle and ensures that the battery is connected or disconnected in the system.

BMSs are needed, for example, for drive batteries in electric cars, uninterruptible power supplies, cell phones or notebooks. This is also the case for a Munich-based software and robotics specialist that develops autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for intralogistics. These AMR can independently transport various goods from one place to another. For new series robots that are electrically powered by a lithium-ion battery, e.telligent has now successfully developed a battery management system - another successful project in the e.systems division.