e.CoSys customer and new e-scooter: e.telligent cooperates with two-wheeler manufacturer

e.telligent can welcome a major Indian two-wheeler manufacturer as a new customer using its Engineering Collaboration System (e.CoSys). e.CoSys is a tool-connecting Atlassian add-on software package for prototyping, developing, integrating, testing, validating and verifying ECUs (SW, ME, EL) in the automotive, railroad, aerospace and industrial sectors, among others.

The new customer is a leading global manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters based in New Delhi, India. For the company's innovation cell, which is located in Bavaria and develops new, revolutionary vehicle concepts, e.telligent implemented e.CoSys and is also available for support. With e.CoSys, various development processes can be simplified.

e.telligent and the Indian market leader were already cooperation partners before. As a specialist for electric mobility, e.telligent also supported the two-wheeler manufacturer in the development of a new electrically powered scooter.

More about e.CoSys can be found here.