e.cademy - Trainings on the potentials in the field of electric mobility

We gladly put our own stamp on the products and solutions that we develop: under the name e.cademy we launch a fully developed training program and add a further component to our service portfolio.

Started as in-house training courses for our employees, the concept was developed into a technically demanding training program through the continuous feedback from our colleagues. For this reason, we now also conduct our training courses on site at the customer's premises. In addition to our own employees, numerous interested engineers and decision-makers from the field of electromobility also benefit from our presentations.

"With e.cademy, we not only want to highlight problems and scenarios in electric mobility as well as the potential of digitization. Rather, we want to discuss these subjects with our participants. The aim is to present clearly defined solutions at the end of the training courses," says founder and CEO Dr. Christian Matzner, explaining e.telligent's training program.

The special feature of the training courses is the combination of the comprehensive technical know-how of our instructors and the interactive character of the training courses. The training is conducted in small groups, which increases the output for the participants. The content of our training courses is based on our service portfolio. The focus of the training courses is always designed in consultation with the customer.

If you have any questions about the training program, we are always at your disposal. Please use the contact form on our homepage.