CONNECTA 2019 – We were on the Spot

e.telligent was a guest at the Technical University in Regensburg. The CONNECTA company contact fair took place on Wednesday, 23 October 2019.

Among the 200 companies e.telligent was represented as an exhibitor at booth G6 in the new design. Markus Christians, Head of Business Operations, and Dominik Seck, Functional Safety Engineer, were two experts who answered the students' questions. In addition, our recruiter Jonas Fries was at the booth, providing information about entry opportunities, student jobs and dissertations, among other things.

In the morning, our Head of Business Operations, Markus Christians, also gave his lecture "e.CoSys - Starthilfe und Katalysator für hohe Entwicklungsqualität in Startups" (e.CoSys - start-up aid and catalyst for high development quality in start-ups). He first highlighted the problems of a start-up and showed with e.CoSys, the specially developed software toolchain, an application-proven solution in the field of process optimization. Christians explains: "Startups face great challenges, which is why with e.CoSys we have created a solution that supports them and has also become a marketable product. Read more about e.CoSys here.

Looking back, the response to CONNECTA was very positive. Many of the 3000 visitors came to the e.telligent booth to learn more about our company and our service portfolio. "It was nice to see that so many students visited our booth, had nice conversations with us and showed interest," said Dominik Seck, who himself studied at the OTH in Regensburg as a student and visited CONNECTA every year during his studies.

Many thanks to those responsible at CONNECTA for their energetic support and smooth running.

We are looking forward to next year.