Potentials in the central/backend-supported evaluation of energy storage-related data

The electrification of mobility based on lithium ion energy storage is increasing rapidly. Registrations for electric cars continue to rise, vehicles in intralogistics are increasingly equipped with modern lithium ion energy storage systems. Electric scooters, e-bikes and other vehicles in the micromobility segment are already equipped with modern lithium ion technology. Household appliances are also increasingly making use of the advantages of more powerful energy storage devices. Nevertheless, some of the problems associated with the rapid increase in new types of energy storage systems are still in the early stages of being solved. This seminar will highlight problems associated with the consideration of the entire life cycle of a lithium ion battery and present solutions with the help of centralised and backend-supported data analysis.

Participation fee
Price on request
The seminar will take place with a minimum of 6 participants.


  • Measurement of lithium ion specific parameters (residual capacity, performance, ageing condition, ...)
  • Influence of usage behaviour
  • Support of 2nd live scenarios
  • Improved warranty and guarantee forecasts
  • Support in after sales through predictive maintenance
  • Support of leasing models
  • Integration of 3rd party content
  • Benefits for product development

Target Audience

The training is aimed at engineers and technically interested decision-makers who deal with problems of electromobility and the potentials of digitalisation.

What to expect

  • A cross-sectoral view of the speaker
  • The consideration of the entire life cycle of energy storage systems
  • A combined agenda with technical and IT-specific content

Arrival route & Contact

Erik Kreer

e.telligent GmbH
Dr.-Ludwig-Kraus-Stra├če 2
85080 Gaimersheim


The agenda will be individually adapted to the group based on the number of participants as well as the professional backgrounds of the field of participants.
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Introduction of speaker and participants
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Lunch break
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End of the training
Potentials in the central/backend-supported evaluation of energy storage-related data
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